Saturday, May 8, 2010

Earth Wind & Fire

Oh Man what happened to the Spring? Such a change in the weather, made for a perfect day to hang out in my Longarm room at Kindred Spirits Quilt Co. I did some quilting, piecing and had some creative moments and alot of laughs with my girlfriends.
The main topic today, seemed to be focused on our moms. I am really missing my mom and was so happy to talk about the good days with her. She was a special lady, and I was so lucky to have her also as my best friend. So I hope this weekend, we all hug tight those woman that have made a difference in our lives.

I have had so many amazing quilts in my shop over the years, but sometimes a special one really stands out. One that has been given so much consideration for the planning of fabrics, patterns, threads and quilting designs. In the stories that I hear, I can see that every single stitch has been done with love straight from the heart.
Not long ago, I had one of these and I would like to share its story with you.
The quilt was pieced and designed by Hedy and her two daughters, Elaine and Barbara, for the special occasion of Elaine's daughters upcoming marriage.

As soon as these three woman came into my shop, for their initial consult I could feel the energy between them. As they told the story of the journey of this quilt I realized, they were all very excited that finally they were at the finishing stage. So with video camera in Elaine's hand, we continued with the consult! (they wanted to document the process to is completion)
Here is what Elaine wrote.
This quilt is a 25 block sampler that my mother (87), sister, and I designed for my daughter's wedding. My daughter lives in Arizona and together we chose the batik fabrics during one of my visits in November 2008. Although my daughter had a hand in choosing colours, she does not know that I have been sewing with her grandmother and Aunt since January 2009. It has been a long time to complete, but well worth it. We wanted to design a quilt where each block has some significance. My mother did six applique blocks. Snowflake to represent Canada, Honey Bee, and other blocks which grandma had used for her in another quilt years ago. My brother-in-law designed a fish block as the fiance loves to fish and hunt. Also, a Bear Paw fit perfectly. I chose the Housewife Block for the center because the housewife is the center of the home. Along with other blocks like Arizona Star, Patience Block, Wild Thing, lightning in the Kitchen, Golden Wedding Ring, and Bride's Bouquet they all have meaning. After a lengthy discussion with the gentleman who owned the quilt shop in Arizona, I decided to construct the blocks to make the quilt square. Also, I added one extra row so that the side blocks would hang over from the sides of the bed. Something I had never considered before. This way, the quilt can be turned any one you please. Careful, you must choose blocks that can be turned also.

Driving to Niagara and visiting my mom and sister every one or two weeks and sewing together was a fabulous way to spend our time. We laughed and ripped seams, calculated, ditched a few blocks we made. My sister and I took "homework" home and came back with unfinished blocks, while my mother had her six done in no time! Amazing at her age. She also kept us on track and provided years of experience toward our figuring out what went wrong.

Earth Wind and Fire
Pieced and designed by;
Hedy Nagy
Barbara Johnston‏
Elaine Wilson

I knew that this Sampler was a "Special Labour of Love" and I never take this lightly. To my amazement they had all agreed to let me "go to it" and let my creative juices flow! We did discuss some designing and thread colours, just to make sure that we were all on some what of the same page, after all there were 4 heads being put together at this point.

With all of this freedom, I had a great time while stitching, and designing this piece. It was on the frame for a few days, and by the end, I actually felt attached, but made the call so the girls could make a date to pick it up. Unfortunately, Barb was under the weather, but Hedy, and Elaine are pictured below with the finished quilt.

What a treasure and how happy they both were! After such a long process, all of their efforts were finally realized! I admire all 3 of them for completing this beautiful Quilt. To give a gift with such meaning and love attached is priceless. To spend so much time with mother and sister, is irreplaceable. What memories must have been made

I have such a great job. To be involved with a project like this is to say the least....great, and so rewarding. For me to be able to work with my passion of Quilting everyday is absolutely a Blessing.

Happy Mothers Day to all of you wonderful Ladies


  1. Lovin` it! Very nice:) Happy Mothers Day Jane.. Imma missin Ma too:( Walt got her tree planted for me today, so that was nice. I just dont want Mothers days anymore though.
    Love ya lots, G

  2. I hear ya Gina. xo Happy Mothers day wether you like it or now. Love your guts.

  3. that would be wether you like it or not! Still love your guts!

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