Tuesday, May 11, 2010

What a great Tuesday!

So, I usually say that Monday is my favourite day of the week, you know....I love a fresh start and that's usually what Mondays hold for me, but so far today, has yesterday beat!
Such a simple day but isn't simple usually the best? It started out with a nice walk with my Pal Wyatt. Come to think of it...I should start every day like this. He cracks me up, and I could watch him run forever. To watch the pure joy on his face..I swear I can see him smile as he runs through the fields, puddles and prickers!

I got home, and it was off to work. The photo below is a Sampler made from Maywood, Wild Rose. What a beautiful line of fabric.
I Quilted it with the Panto Royal Plumes by Judi Allen. This pattern is great when you are looking for a fabulous overall feather, it looks custom quilted and has a very elegant finish. Great for wide open design spaces and since its a panto, the price is reasonable for the customer.

Tomorrow I will be working in my space at Kindred Spirits Quilt Co. I always look forward to being there on Wed. I can't wait to see whats new in the store. I should probably put my blinders on, so I don't blow the wad! Could Wednesday actually beat Tuesday and my favourite day Monday? I'll keep you posted.


  1. I look forward to Wednesday's at Kindred Spirits because you're there Jane! Glad that you had a great the challenge is.... Can we make Wednesday better??? I think we can! Luv ya.

  2. Nan, so today was Great!! I'm glad you look forward to Wed. and so do I. What a great group of people! However, on a regular basis...Mondays will still be really hard to beat!