Thursday, June 10, 2010

All in a days work :)

Daisy Swirl - Jodi Beamish. Great Edge to Edge pattern to add to your collection.

Hi all, here I am again, even I'm amazed! Let me tell you once you get onto this blogging idea it becomes addictive.

Over the past little while I have been taking picture after picture of ideas and quilts that I think are worthwhile sharing. I hope you have enjoyed them. I'm still having a hard time blogging about me personally. I must say....hummm maybe I'm boring? So for now, I'll stick with sharing with you, intriguing quilts that come into my shop, and fun happenings around Kindred Spirits Quilt Shop. Trust me if anything earth shattering happens around here....I'll be sure to fill you in. For now, life is good, quiet and right on track :) Everything is in place.

Mirage - A Bargello Quilt

Mirage Pattern by : Dereck Lockwood

Pieced by: Gloria Meyer

This stunning Bargello wall hanging came into my shop last week and at first glance I thought "Oh no"! Sometimes during a consult with a customer a quilt stares me in the face and challenges me to come up with the perfect ideas to present to its owner. Believe me I have been put on the spot more than a few times but I don't mind, its all in a days work, and a good challenge keeps me on my toes!

Perfect example, at first glance this Bargello didn't speak one word to me. It looked really confusing, and complicated. I had the feeling it was worthy of more than an all over pattern....but what to do? So, I took first of all a deep breath, then a few steps back, and the most obvious design areas to me were the pink diamond and also the green cross so I worked from there. The blue, purple and yellow areas seemed like a shadow to the prominent design space. I quilted Elegant Feathers (surprise) in the pink and green areas and simply ditched the rest of the squares. Yes, every square I didn't want a secondary design to clash with the feathers, so I figured, simple in this case was the best choice. Most quilters are not fans of ditch stitching, but for me its not a problem, and actually enjoy the process. The owner Gloria told me that in this Bargello Hanging there are 1677 Squares! I finished it up with a double eco swirl on the boarder.

It can been viewed at Kindred Spirits and the kits are $76.95

Rambling Rose

The Rambling Rose Quilt is more in my comfort zone! The log cabin block are arranged in such a way that a perfect light design area is created, and excellent for feathers

This is one of the many sampler blocks pieced into the quilt. I Pounced and then quilted the same stencil design in each block, to keep a somewhat orderly look.

Hearts, Swirls and Peacock Meandering finished up the boarders perfectly.

I love this quilt and may add it to my list of ones to piece before I die. :) I better live a longggg life!

And Finally

"Asking a quilter to mend is like asking Picasso to paint your garage". (I love that quote)

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Beautiful Jane:) Hey, You have GOT to try the GLIDE thread and magna bobbins from fil tec... Im telling you that its a whole new thrill!

  2. Thanks for the tip Gina....where do you buy from and what so special about Glide thread?