Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sewing Mission Trip - Nicaragua January

I am so excited to say, that I have decided to join another Mission Team, this time travelling to, Nicaragua.
My friend Kristyn McCoy from Ilderton, and 11 others from the Kitchener/Waterloo area and myself make up the team. Our team has one common goal in mind and that is to travel to Nicaragua, to teach sewing and quilting skills to a motivated group of woman who have a vision of starting their very own Co-operative. I for one going to work hard to make the dreams of these women come true and I need your help.
The area we are travelling to is called Niquinohomo which is a remote village in the hills. This area has many agricultural farms producing limes, oranges, mandarins, bananas and avocados. Nicaragua is the second largest country in Central America and the second poorest as well. It's population is just under 6 million people, of which 48% of the population lives below the poverty line and 80% of the population lives with less than $2 per day.

Our team will be working along side Panmission Canada who have been working and blessing the people of Nicaragua since 1997.
Panmission Canada worked in this community 2 yrs ago building a church, but our team will be the first to provide training in the interest of sewing and quilting. This is a huge undertaking and is going to require a lot of work.
We leave on Jan. 1, 2011, what a great way to start a New Year!! Since we are starting with nothing.....all quilting and sewing supplies are needed. Some of the items the group will be learning how to make may include diapers, crib bedding for the hospital, aprons, slings to carry their children, sanitary pads and other household items.
Nicaragua has such a disrupted power system, it is my vision to focus also on hand piecing and hand quilting. I know...there is something wrong with that....Jane Sandercock....Longarm Machine Quilter, teaching hand piecing? All I can say is "Thank goodness I have been working on a Farmers Wife Quilt...pieced all by hand". Seriously it only makes sense. Hand piecing projects can be easily picked up under any circumstance, and even worked by candle light.
This sewing program will need all the support they can get and once again I will be collecting sewing and quilting supplies. If you have anything that you wish to donate please contact me and we will make the arrangements.

Our Wish List for Nicaragua:

Pins and Needles
Scissors of all sizes
Thread - a variety of all colours
Elastic, Snaps, Buttons and Velcro
Fabric - at least one metre cuts
Rotary cutters, and blades (lots of blades)
Q - snaps
etc, etc, etc.
Quilt patterns written in Spanish - :) just thought I would put it out there.

Please be assured that any monetary donations made to me will be used to buy additional supplies, or will go directy to Nicaragua to bless a family in need.
Our team will also be visiting a hospital. If you are a knitter, then baby caps are of great need and would be so fantastic and booties would be over the moon! Recently an air conditioner was installed in the hospital facility, and the nurses, not use to the cold are freezing. We have been asked to collect button up sweaters (cardigans) or zippered hoodies. Thank you.
As the needs arise I will let you know.
Over the next few weeks I will be letting you know how you can become more involved so check back often. Fundraisers in the planning include; Quilt raffle, Sew-a-Thon, Pasta Dinner Night.
If you would like to be involved or have the vision and ambition to make a fundraiser of your own or in a group, that would be so amazing!

Gracias todo para su apoyo y generosidad en el pasado y en el avance y para el futuro.
(Thank you all for your support and generosity in the past and in advance for the future.)

Dia Bueno (good day)



  1. I can't wait to travel with you again Jane! I am honoured!

    Love the Spanish, I need to start practicing too.

  2. This is going to be a good trip Kristyn so much work to be done.

  3. Jane, how exciting for you! I'm sure I have lots of things I can look out to donate.

  4. Fantastic Leslie, I'm going to have a sew-a-thon that i'll post about tonight i hope, maybe you will be interested in that. How is your machine behaving. Did that last switch do the trick?